12 Fox Beer Co.

What’s in a Name: In the mid 90’s, Aaron and Joe met at basic training as 12 Foxtrots in the US Army – which means they were able to legally play with dynamite to blow up cool stuff and clear minefields. This [MOS] sent them from Fort Hood to a new adventure in Bosnia and beautiful Bamberg, Germany. While stationed in Germany, their beer palettes changed from whatever was cheapest at the class 6 on post to truly finding a love for small town European Craft Beers. The name 12 Fox is a nod to their time in the service and the brewery is an experience all on it’s own. They like to keep the beers simple, yet complex and to the point. 12 Fox uses single-sourced malt from a family farm in Oregon with well thought out and beautifully executed recipes to ensure every beer that hits the tap is top quality from beginning to end. We invite you to come out and experience our little destination brewery in the beautiful Hill Country just outside of Dripping Springs! PROST! The 12 Fox Team Family. Country. Freedom