Suds Monkey Brewing Company

It all started in my Mom’s basement in Rochester, Michigan. That’s where I got the brewing bug and it has stuck with me ever since.

I started with the standard homebrew kit that just about everyone does. A stainless steel pot, a couple of plastic buckets, a bottling tree, some extract, dry yeast, hop pellets, bottled water, and a lot of excitement and enthusiasm to embark on a hobby that I never thought would end up dominating my life and take me on so many adventures.

In 2017 we are excited that we are finally positioned to open Suds Monkey Brewing Company. We aren’t fancy. We don’t have a lot of frills. What we do offer is a warm and welcoming environment where everyone who wants to enjoy great beer in a fun, laid back, relaxing environment. A great place to have a pint, play some games, watch some sports, and meet other great people.